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Registered visitors of this website will get access to a gamified web toolkit and get a chance to resolve one of several information security problems with it. The toolkit does not require quick responses and good reflexes, but involves creative and analytical thinking.

When you use this toolkit you will be asked to suggest your own ideas for what caused an information security problem and how it could be overcome. Each intervention method that you suggest and decide to keep will be assessed by other users. Based on these assessments you will be scored on the following three different metrics:

  • Best Total Score - the sum of perceived value of all methods suggested by you. To score better on this scale, try providing more ideas that better capture the causes of the problem.
  • Best Average Score - the average perceived value from all suggested methods. To score high, try selecting only a few really good of your ideas to have them assessed by others.
  • Most Suggested Unique Ideas - the number of unique intervention methods. Try coming up with loads of creative and innovative ways to counter the crime and you will rank high on this metric.

Use of this toolkit is entirely voluntary. By signing up in the website you agree that the collected data will be used for research purposes. If you want to be anonymous, please try to use an e-mail address that does not disclose your identity (or not provide one at all). The collected data will be analysed and published, but individual users will not be identifiable from it. Data is collected, stored and published in accordance to the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

This prototype is tested to work with Google Chrome. For updates on development progress check out the RSS feed. Please send any inquiries to Martin Ruskov. We will appreciate any form of feedback.

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